ALIAS R2 season 2 availble 7th june


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excellent looking forward to this. i was thinking of getting the r1 version but could do without the hasle of the customs charges for a boxset.

looking forwrd to watching season 3 on bravo this sunday


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My R1 copy of Alias season 2 cost me a little over £20 and didn't incur any charges.

Also season 3 is available to download, all 13 episodes i've downloaded have all been svcd and equivilent quality. They are broadcast in hi-def as well!

Easily as good as digital transmission here!

Indiana Jones

Think you will find there are 14 episodes now, I downloaded the latest episode on monday.


I still may buy the R1 version, 7th June is alittle too far off :p

Ive just managed to download episodes 1-10 in about a day, all HDTV -lol releases, the quality is extremely good :)


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I believe you are right Indy. I too downloaded episode 14 on Monday. Bit disappointing wasn't it? I hate it when they basically just record half and episode and then just play it back from two different perspectives :(

Next week with Ricky Gervais should be funny to see!

At least they are broadcasting two in two weeks instead of one every three weeks like they have been doing :(


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I got S2 from dvdsoon last week for 25quid and no customs.
S3 will be out Sept 7 but I'm not sure I can wait......

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