Alexa or Google Home?


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Want to buy my first hub and was looking at the Google Home Hub as its got a screen. Basically want it for calendar appointments instead of paper ones hanging around kitchen and for some light control.
Possibly add other devices such as cameras and plugs later on.

Which unit is a better choice amazon alexa or google home hub?


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There is also an Amazon Echo device with a screen (actually there are two). The Echo Show is the one with a bigger screen. They have a new model out.

I have the older one (2nd Gen), and I think it is fantastic.

This said, I have never used the Google Home Hub, so can't comment on it.

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Either will be fine. Its a bit of an Apple / Android question. Slightly different feature set, similar functionality overall.


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I have both, We use alexa for almost everything except it wont act as a chime for the nest doorbell, the google will. The google is also far better at answering general questions as it refers to wikipedia, Alexa only knows what she knows.

Mr X

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Was originally Alexa but moved to Google for Nest Cam integration which is brilliant on the Google Home Hub (now named Nest Home Hub)
I also found it to be far more reliable when controlling Hue lights too.


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Been an Alexa user for two years, fancied trying Google and love it. Wife prefers Google too, only thing I’ll miss is Prime Music


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I have bought into the Alexa side of it and just find it works. Plus being an Amazon prime customer the music side of it is also good as i have bought my oldest an echo dot for his bedroom for listening to music

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