Alexa increases/decreases TV volume by 10 bars, but soundbar by only 1 bar


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When using Alexa to turn the volume up/down on my new Sony KD50X80J TV, the volume will increase/decrease by 10 bars, but I don't use my TV speakers for sound, I use my Sony SA-WCT100 soundbar, and the soundbar will ONLY increase/decrease 1 bar at a time. I'm using the Sony Bravia Sync on both devices so I would think they would stay in sync or at least change in the same increments.

When I use the TV remote, each press of the volume button increases/decreases the volume by 1 bar/number. Only when I ask Alexa to change the volume, does it change in 10 bar/number increments, which is fine, just wish the soundbar would also change in the same increments.

After furthering testing, it appears the soundbar and the TV volume don't actually sync, even though the Sony Bravia Sync feature implies that it does.
What I noticed is, if I press the TV remote volume buttons slowly, the TV volume and the soundbar seem to stay in sync, but if I quickly press the volume buttons, then the soundbar gets out of sync and gets way behind, and worst of all, never actually syncs back up with what the TV volume shows.

Any suggestions? Can anyone with a soundbar that uses Alexa to control the TV volume share their experience?

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