Alexa commands for LG TV annoyance


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Hi all,

Has anyone managed to get their Alexa devices to work right with their LG TVs for commands such as changing volume or channels?

For some reason, I can turn the TV off fine, but if I ask to “turn tv volume up/down” I get a notification saying that feature or content is not available.

However, if I ask the same command and say ‘LG TV’ instead of just ‘TV’, then I get a whole story from Alexa about ThinkQ and the function has complete.

Maybe I’m being picky, but if the volume isn’t adequate and I have to ask Alexa to turn the volume up another 3 times, it gets a tad annoying and you might as well just look for the remote and not bother with voice commands which defeats the object of having the feature (which I like if works).

There was an issue with turning the TV on no matter which command I used. However I created a ‘routine’ within the Alexa app to fix this so now I can turn the tv on and off.

Anything I’m doing wrong? Everything is linked and I’ve re-connected everything through the apps.



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I've found the voice command function on my CX to be about as useful a sieve for drinking tea.

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