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alesis m1 active mk2 volume issues


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i have these speakers plumbed into my projector xlr to 3.5mm headphone jack i stupidly thought the projector remote would control the volume
i have to adjust the speakers built in amps volume on the back of the speakers
is there a device that could fit in the wiring somwhere that would control it or do i have to keep getting up on top of a chair to adjust volumes lol


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i have these speakers plumbed into my projector xlr to 3.5mm headphone jack i stupidly thought the projector remote would control the volume

If the projector's remote control had a volume control function then I'd have thought the same as you. Are you using an XLR connection on the projector? Does the projector have an alternative analogue audio output socket? If so, try that instead.

Obvious question but I'll ask it anyway - are you sure the projector's remote control is working properly? What volume does it control?

There are volume controls that you could incorporate into the wiring between projector and speaker.

SM Pro Nano Patch+ Passive Stereo Volume Controller, Black & Red | DV247

QED WM21 Line Level Volume Control | eBay

The QED fits into a back box - doesn't have to be wall/surface mounted. Usually sells for around £60. I'm sure there are many more similar passive, line-level volume controls out there.


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thanks for the reply my projector has audio in and audio out both are 3.5mm headphone jack
projector audio out 3.5mm to xlr then 6m cable to speaker which is xlr also

the control sets the projectors built in speaker volume fine


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So if you decided to connect headphones to the projectors 3.5mm audio out, you wouldn't be able to control the headphone's volume with the remote control? Strange.

I don't suppose there's an option in the projector's menus that allows the remote volume control to also control the 3.5mm socket audio out volume?

If not, something like my earlier suggestions would be required and should do the job.

I too use active speakers but fortunately, I can control the volume of all the sources I use (CD player, freeview box, PVR) using their remote controls. For source switching convenience though, I use a passive pre-amp which happens to incorporate a conventional, rotary volume control.

how does a pre amp work
Traditional analogue pre-amps are, IMO, gradually becoming obsolete - there is a diminishing need for them because they only accept analogue inputs whereas most sources these days have digital outputs. There are some 'cross-over' products that also have a digital input or two but are often high-end or AV type products - products I know little about.

The main purpose of any pre-amp is to provide switching between various connected sources and to effect volume changes. The output of a pre-amp is fed to power amplifiers (or active speakers).

Many traditional analogue pre-amps also provide an extra amplification stage (often called a phono input) together with the necessary frequency response equalisation for the low output source that is a turntable cartridge. Some pre-amps also featured tone controls or more sophisticated frequency response shaping that acted on all inputs.

Digital pre-amps are now on the market with a selection of digital inputs, analogue (and also ideally, digital) outputs and volume control. They make more sense for many of us but it's still relatively early days.

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