Aldi HTPC (64 Bit support) £379.99



Hi there.

It seems ok for the price and has some quite good software and good sized hard drive but if you plan to upgrade in the future your buggered.
It has 6 3.5mm phono outputs for sound (no sp/diff) onboard graphics with only AGP support and a rubbish power supply, not to mention it would probably sound like a jet engine. Processor is crap as well.
At the price it may not have SATTA support either. Also if you add another stick of memory then it has to be identical to the one already installed or it will create stability problems and the memory supplied with a lot of cheap systems is unbranded, so good luck.
Might be worth it if you can pick up a cheap PCI-E and SATTA equiped motherboard at a later date.
It all depends what you want to use it for really.



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Build your own. You'd have to upgrade that one to 1GB memory anyway, and the disk isn't big enough either (no point getting less than 300GB with current prices). The graphics are awful as well - you'd have to buy a decent card to play HD files.

Memory + graphics = £100 more, and with delivery that's coming close to £500. You can get a much superior machine for that price, with spdif, a better processor, a much bigger disk, no noise problems etc etc etc.

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