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Aldi 32" Lcd TLCD32F

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by glennh70, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. glennh70


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    The Tevion 32" widescreen LCD TV, model TLCD32F was released in Australia by Aldi last Thursday

    Tevion TFT LCD 80cm Screen (32")
    Picture in picture/split screen function
    HD TV ready
    Aluminium finish
    Teletext function
    Built-in Dual Tuner
    Flat Widescreen format
    Aluminium frame and stand
    Flat Widescreen format 16:9 format
    Dual tuner PIP - including picture size and positioning adjustment
    Ability to view 2 channels/inputs simultaneously
    Connect to PC
    3D De-interlace, Digital comb filter
    8ms response time
    2 x AV inputs
    Y/Pb/Pr input, PC input, S-Video input, 1 x AV output
    1366 x 768 resolution
    1000:1 contrast ratio
    550cd/m2 brightness
    2 x 10W detachable speakers
    Wall mountable
    Includes remote control, D-sub PC cable and Y/Pb/Pr cable
    Best viewed with Digital Set Top Box

    This model does not have the scart connectors but instead has seperate connectors, 2xAV 1xSVHS 1xComponent(ypbpr) 1x15PinDSub(vga). It has no DVI

    I bought one on Thursay and l have had a few problems with it. For a start, four pixel has gone in the display, it is on the side, so it doesn't detract too much.

    One major problem i have has is with the HDTV is certain signals will make the lcd go to a black screen. While watching some dvd's, the picture will go to a black screen for a second and then the picture will come back until a certain brightness( i think ), make it loose signal again. When the screen goes black, you loose sound as well. I also have a dvd recorder running through the hdtv and the problem occassionally show up on it as well.

    I have also had problems setting the brightness and contrast properly, especially on svhs, It almost seems over bright. I have a dvd called Avia, which is for getting the most out of your home theater. It has a lot of test patterns to help set your tv up properly. The test for contrast and brightness, will not show up properly because of the screen being so bright.

    It is not all bad new for this lcd, i have not noticed much in ghosting and the pc side seems good as well. The tv picture look fairly good and the color looks almost perfect. I do not have digital tv in my area yet, but i would imagine it would look fantastic on it

    I have a pinnacle showcenter which will go to the hdtv resolutions. 720p and 1080i seemed a bit fuzzy compared to 480p. I do not know if this is because of the lcd or the pinnacle showcenter, as i do not have any other hdtv items

    I sure there is a lot more problems with this lcd and would like to hear from anyone who has bought one as well.

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