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This probably gets asked a lot in here, but bear with me for the sake of my sanity.

I have a gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H mobo, a clarkdale i3 with a realtek 888b onboard audio and graphics provided by an intel(R) hd graphics.

If I go to playback devices and select the digital output (in this case it's the hdmi one which adopts the name of the AVR it's plugged in to) in 'Supported Formats' it says 8 channels but doesn't have DTSMA or TrueHD in 'Encoded Formats'

It is set up for 5.1 audio via 'configure speakers'

So I take it, that if it's not listed in there it'll just do regular DTS etc right? The AVR supports all formats but I don't have a blu ray player in the machine to actually test it, via powerDVD or something but I assume I'm right.

Or is it a case of you actually having to feed it a high resolution audio format first for it to show up in the supported formats??

I figure it's the former but some clarification would be much appreciated.



Stephen Neal

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The H55 + i3 should support HDMI bitstreaming of True HD and DTS HD audio - but that doesn't use the Realtek chipset (which does the analogue and SPDIF audio on the motherboard), it should use an Intel HD Audio chipset which is integrated onto the i3 processor's on-die graphics.

Your AVR will need to support True HD and DTS HD bitstreaming, and you will need the right combination of drivers. You may also need to inhibit any audio pass-through your amp supports (some drivers get confused by this) - and in some cases the only way to get it working reliably with some AVR+TV combinations is to override the EDID data from the AVR+TV.

(EDID is the data that is sent from the TV saying what resolutions and audio formats it supports. When it passes through an AVR the AVR tacks on extra information about the audio formats it supports - though there are a couple of ways of doing this... The graphics driver should therefore know what audio and video formats the AVR+TV combo supports and signal that in the 'supported resolutions' and 'supported audio' bits of the various Windows control panels)

The other confusing thing is that HDMI audio is almost always totally independent of Motherboard audio - often with a separate set of drivers and appears separately in the sound control panel as a different device. The audio you hear over HDMI is nothing to do with the Realtek drivers confusingly.

I don't have an H55+Clarkdale CPU I should add - as until Intel sort out 24p (aka 23.976Hz) support properly I'm steering clear, but it is the only HDMI HD bitstreaming audio solution that doesn't require a graphics card (or a Xonar HDAV)

Rock Danger

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your reply - I think that the general rule is that, when you plug your HDMI in from your computer to your AVR, go into the properties of the device and look at the supported formats and if DTSMA and TrueHD aren't listed then it's not supported.

If I plug my lappy into the AVR then it shows as supported and if I put in a blu ray in the AVR switches to the relevant track.

The other desktop will just downmix to regular DTS5.1 / Dolby Digital. I like yourself thought that it would support it with the i3. And I get what you're saying about the realtek, I just added it in just in case it was relevant.
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Ok edit:

There was an update for the intel.inf, the graphics driver and the LAN and after a reboot / configure the device it now shows that dtsma and true hd supported in the list.

Stand on me, rookie mistake. I know.

Since I have no BDROM and really can't be arsed stealing / ripping an entire movie - Is there a sample of something I could download? Additionally, I know that when protection isn't valid enuff with this sort of thing it will auto downmix the sound to dolby dig or dts.

What do I need to install player/codec/modulator/magic potato wise to basically get the little light to come on, on my amp?

It's a pure geek thing, I'm sure if I went and got a bdrom and hooked it up to power dvd it would work exactly like the lappy - but humour me please.

Many thanks.

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Anyone fancy giving me a hand with this? I've had some time using ffdshow and media player classic and I think I'm just getting lost in it all.

I am quite computer smart believe it or not, but when your boiler breaks down, the joiner and the spark show up on the same day as well.

I can't even get stupid windows media centre to actually recognise my speakers.. every other player can do it of course, but noooooooooooooo..

Simply put, I'm on win7 64bit and I want to play a file that contains dtsma / trueHD and make the wee light come on my amp.

The best I can get it to say is DTS 5.1 with a file and that goes for the lappy as well - however as mentioned before the lappy will switch the AVR over to DTSMA when using the BDROM.



Rock Danger

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edit: Nevermind - I sorted it out for MPC which has simply satisfied my curiosity of having a capable high rez audio pc.

Guess I'll try WMP next.

yay me! :thumbsup:

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