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rob j

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Can anyone help me out with this:

When you copy a CD to your hard drive using WMP, where does it store the thumbnail image of the album cover? :confused:

I cannot find it anywhere - I've looked in the music folders and ran many searches but to no avail :(

The reason I want them is that I've a PC in my flat at Uni that already has all my music copied to the hard drive, but has no connection to the internet.

I want to burn the thumbnails to a CD-RW and then insert them into the music folders on my other PC, so that when I play my music the album cover comes up! :)

This is really bugging me, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You have disable "hide protected operating system files" from Tools, Folder Options, View in Explorer (my computer). The files used to display the album art can be found in each directory of the mp3.

If you want to add a thumbnail image to a directory simply rename it to "folder.jpg" and it should show up. No need to mess with the protected files unless you want to edit the thumbnails.

rob j

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Thanks for the reply stlic :smashin:

Still nothing showing though :(

I swear that I've seen them in the folders in the past before though - I can't understand what's happened!


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mine are stored in my dl drive

rob j

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Well I did another search for them and found them in the 'My Music' folders, but they're attributed to being permanently hidden, ie you are unable to disable the tick box on their properties.

However, I found that if you send the whole album folder to the cd-rw drive, and then delete all the music files inside the folder, it still leaves the thumbnail image in there.

I can then burn these empty folders to disc, copy them to my other computer and then put the music files inside the respective folders so the cover image will show up on my other PC :)

but still, cheers for response guys! :thumbsup:


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On a similar topic...

When I finally get around to recording all my vinyl to the media PC, what is the best way to associate album art with these recordings?

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