Album Art for Video Files!?


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Does anyone know of any applications that will allow you to add album art for video file content - much like you can do for music files.!?

Would be great to download DVD covers for my movies and have them viewable in media centre on my HTPC?


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The best way i can think of doing this is -

place the movie file in a folder.
change the view of the root (The folder with the movie folder in it) to view as thumbnails.
right click the folder that contains the movie and select properties.
click the customize blade in properties and click Choose picture.
Browse to the desired pic and click it.

now when you have the folders in thumbnail view it will give you a picture of the dvd case.

Hope that helps


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There are two ways I know of:

Save the picture of the DVD cover (from Amazon or IMDB) as folder.jpg and stick it in the same folder as the film. This will automatically show the picture in My Videos.

Alternatively use the My Movies plug in for Media Centre. This catalogues your films and automatically downloads the covers. In addition it also downloads cast details, a brief plot summary and provides links to online trailers.

In order to use My Movies each film needs to be stored in it's own folder.


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I too would like more info on this topic; currently I use the tedious method of finding the image online & saving it as folder.jpg.

I would really like an automated system other than my movies,

I tried my movies twice -first time I just did not like the way it looked & behaved.
Around 9 months after that, after many more positives about it on here, with many people seemingly claiming that sunlight was being generated out of it, I tried it a second time.
It really mucked up all my stored DVD's & took many hours over several nights to clear up. Most annoying I suddenly had multiple copies of the Ali G movie as the thumb nail, despite never having borrowed rented or even watched it.
My movies is going nowhere near any of my hard drives ever again.

I have noticed that Vista media centre does actually download an image as per the DVD in its drive (that is about 95% of the time).
I asume it must be somewhere in the temp folder, does any one know where this file is stored so that I can harvest it?
-It would save my many trips to Lovefilm or Amazon!


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Hey Shazzam

It might because i've been drinking, but i'm slightly confused by your comment . Explain a little if you would


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Sorry as i said i was a little drunk so your reply made no sense to me.

I'll have a look into your problem, I know I know a program that does this but just can't think of what it is at the second

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