Alba DVD65 displays green tint ?



I have an Alba DVD65 plugged into a Toshiba 28" widescreen TV (don't have model number handy, sorry) via Scart to Scart, into the EXT-1 TV socket.

When I put the TV onto EXT-1, the picture is displayed with a green tint over it.

The TV has a 2-way EXT-2 channel, which can be configured to pass out either the current picture, or the input from EXT-1 or EXT-3.

I have a Scart cable connecting the EXT-2 to my VCR (Aiwa).

If I put the TV onto EXT-2 & the VCR onto AV-1 I am now viewing the DVD output which is going up to the TV into EXT-1, back out from EXT-2 to the VCR, then back up to the TV again via EXT-2.

The result ? The picture is fine.

I assumed the TV was messing things up but the engineer can't find a fault. So I plugged the kids' Playstation into EXT-1 & received a perfect picture.

I then plugged the Alba DVD into the portable TV. It plays fine when the TV is on EXT channel, but any TV channel is distorted by an overlay of the DVD picture with occasional green washes. So I concluded the DVD was faulty & exchanged it for a replacement model.

The new machine exhibits the same behaviour ! I have swapped Scart cables etc etc - has any one else seen something like this & what's the answer ?


I have just purchased a Sony KDL-26S2010 Wide TV. I have an Alba DVD65 DVD. The DVD is on a Scart to AV1 on the TV and AV2 is on Scart to VCR.
The TV and VCR work perfectly, but the DVD Puts out a Green Wash over the complete screen.

I have changed scart leads and also turned them round end to end to no avail. If I only connect the DVD to either of the 2 AV sockets without the VCR the picture is still green.

The DVD connected to another TV works as it should do.


With regard to my previous, re Alba DVD65 and green screen.

I have now got it working correctly, by putting a Switch box in the DVD / TV line. The switch box is one I had purchased at Homebase, about £14, with 3 switched inputs/outputs. I put the DVD scart to switch box and scart from switchbox to TV. When switched on it worked.
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