Alba Dvd 103 Please Help!



I git this machine given today, i know its ancient but it plays multi reigon easy and hasnt been used much atall (virtually brand new) .... but it has a small fault and i thought someone on here might know how to sort it...

while watching a dvd theres like blocks/ glitchyness blockiness popping up on the screen all over, is there any way to fix this very cheaply?

i read another thread saying this is a common fault and also that it wont play the menus on columbia tristar dvds ( mine doesnt most of the time unlees it feels like it)

but i dont car bout that i just want the glitchynees to stop can anyone help me out! if you can in going away so can you please reply to me by email if you can help at [email protected], all help appreciated thanks!


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Buy a new player, it is not even worth the though process to work out how to fix it. Get a Toshiba SD-330 and you'll be happy for a long time.


i got it given for free mate thats all i just wondered if anyone knew what was wrong with it that would be causing this glitching.. im just keeping is as a spare anyway.... because apart from that it really doesnt seen a bad machine ive heard a lot of good review about them aswell

ive had the alba dvd 119 before though i had 5 machines and took them all back in the end fro a refund do to freezing/blockiness problem on the above machine, (i bought this as i had analougue 5.1 outputs which seemed great for the price!

i already own a JVC TH-A5R home cinema system,

A Toshiba SD 420E (an upper model of the one you mention) which i picked up brand new at a bargain price! also has analouge 5.1 outs ( i replaced my alba dvd 119 whith this once refunded)( i dont know why people rave about theres as the picture quality on darker scenes looks poor to me in comparison to my sony machine

and the first machine i ever bought, early, basic functions but the best/cleasrest picture, ok maybe the colours colud have been a tad bolder, and sound quality out of all the dvd players ive bought a SONY DVP -S336


i dopnt need another machine though as i have 3 already, does anyone know why the alba machine it glitching what is the cause?


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My parents have a Alba 103, it's my old machine. It plays all disks except from ones with RCE. Are your disks originals and in good order? Try cleaning them first. The fact that you've had several machines with the same fault would make me think the fault was else where.
Sorry if this does not help.

Cheers, Mylo

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