ALBA 108 Lies,Rumours ???



I'm buying my parents a DVD players for Christmas, I thinking of the ALBA 108 from ARGOS because they dont need anyting fancy.

But I do need SVCD & Multi R and I have heard different reports on that it does/doesn't.

I have heard the following ...

It's the luck of the draw if it does or doesn't.
Its a remote hack to play SVCDs



I think you will find the confusion lies with the fact that the Argos number that applies to the 108 also covers the 109 and 114,in which case its a bit of a lucky dip as to which you will get.
I dont have this player myself but apparently the 108 was multi region out of the box,as for the other two,I am not sure,they maybe hackable with the handset.
Again on the same note I think to get SVCD playback you have to push a button on the remote at a certain point as the disc is loading and it is this that is very hit and miss as to wether or not it works.
Given that it is Argos it might be worth just getting one and trying it,if it turns out to be naff take it back;)
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