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Alarm Clock........


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A bit of a long shot, but does anyone know of an alarm clock with at least 2 alarms which can be set like so:

Monday 06:30
Tuesday-Friday 07:00
Weekends 09:00 (or not all)

Waking up to FM or DAB.

Ideally with an auto-dimmer as well, and whilst I'm asking how about with blue LED's???

Theres DAB ones which offer weekday and weekends, although if you wish to turn them on or off, or keep changing the time it seems to be very long winded (which I'll need to do every week with only weekday/weekends).

I suppose their thinking is it should be set once and left.

Any ideas please?

The Sony ICF-C318 seems to be the best so far, albeit green and self setting dimmer :( but the means of switching alarm A or B on is very simple and quick. Both with their own control knob.

Thank you.


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Get a Pure Evoke-3. Apart from being a feature-packed DAB radio, it'll do what you want. It has 20 alarms and each can be set for Daily, Weekday, Weekends or a specific day (recurring or one-off).

Therefore you could set an alarm for each work day (Monday thru Thursday in your case) and one for the weekends, a total of 5 required. Each can wake you up to FM, a DAB station of your choice or an MP2/MP3 from teh SD card.

The timers use similar logic, so you can also record DAB to SD card using these. The remote is useful too. The backlight can be dimmed to various levels or turned off and activated via touching the handle. The audfio quality is very good, taking into account the limitations of DAB brought about by diminishing bitrates.

Dixons Online were selling these at £139.99 and you may find a Discount Code if you rummage around online. I got a further £10 off using one but it expired in April.

If the price is too high for you, note I previously used a Pure Bug which has similar functionality but has no FM and the audio quality isn't as good. You can pick Grade A stock up for £40 or so from Morgan Computers (you may need to update the firmware to get the latest features)


Pure Evoke 3 has 20 alarms - RDS FM is also Stereo

Chronos has 4 (blue display) No FM has a dimmer control

Chronos CD - 4 RDS FM is also stereo automatic brightness control

Tempus-1XT - 3 (blue display) No FM - upgradeable to stereo

Sonus-1XT - 2 (blue display) No FM - upgradeable to stereo

Bug Too - 20 (blue display) No FM

DMX-60 - 20 RDS FM Stereo

Legato 2 - 20 (blue display) RDS FM - Stereo

Pure Siesta - 3 alarms - RDS FM - Light sensor to dim the display


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An ugly looking thing and not really a bedside clock, but still i go have looksy :)

Me, the Evoke-3 or The Bug? I assume the latter!

The Bug is very ugly but I didn't think the Evoke-3 was so bad - not your typical bedside radio granted, but the feature set and quality more than justify the higher price ahd extra few inches (ah, reminds me of my wedding proposal...)


Sonic67 Thank you!! do you work for Pure then :rolleyes:

The Bug seems better so far.
Just got to find one.

I bought a Pure One recently and it had a leaflet in it giving a guide to all the others.


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