Alan Wake 2 rumours gaining ground


Some time ago now, Remedy were hiring for a new 360 game and people speculated that it would be Alan Wake 2. Now, someone who worked for Halon Entertainment (who create CGI trailers and in-game cinematics) has posted their CV online and it includes a mention of them working on in-game cinematics for Alan Wake 2 in April of this year. I don't think this would be a typo and that the person actually worked on the original Alan Wake, as the work was done last month. I reckon we're gonna see this is as one of the games MS reveal at E3.


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Alan Wake didn't sell particularly well did it?

then again MS really don't have much lined up in terms of 1st Party stuff so not that hard to imagine they would throw money behind a sequel


It's sold over 1 million copies, but I don't think it sold as well as they expected. That was probably because of poor scheduling as they launched it on the same day as Red Dead Redemption in America and out of the 2, most people went for RDR.
Incredible game - so well put together and top notch sound as well. One of the most immersive horror games IMHO. Would love to see a sequel, but need to get the guts to finish the last chapter!


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Would love a Alan Wake 2...

Although I've been re watching "Twin Peaks" recently that the misses bought me for my Birthday!:rotfl:


Was it just me who thought Alan Wake was rubbish? Thankfully I only rented it but I finished it easily in two days (not solidly) and found it was the same thing over and over again - run through a dark forest, get jumped by some not very scary bad guys, run to a lamp post then repeat until the game's over. Yawn.

The ending of the game was disgustingly cynical and lazy too.


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Picked Alan wake in the 3 for £25 deal tha HMV was doing and am really enjoying. I think I am about halfway through and love it! The sound alone is awesome and playing this on a dark night on your own is not a good idea! Spoiler...
I love the way they have done the game like each chapter is a tv episode.


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Sequel To Alan Wake Is Not Alan Wake 2 | Dealspwn

Alan Wake was already decidedly David Lynchian, what with its shady plot and eclectic cast, but now Finnish developers Remedy are getting positively barmy with their teasing of the next adventure. According to their head of franchise development, Oskari Hakkinen, more Alan Wake “is coming”, but it won't be Alan Wake 2 or DLC? Suffice to say, we're baffled.

So the next installment in, let's say, the Alan Wake saga isn't a direct sequel nor spin-off DLC? So what, exactly, is it? According to Hakkinen, it's a chance to introduce players who aren't familiar with the series, with a “slice” of the Remedy development staff having been mired in work on the project for the last few months. As for the release date, Hakkinen admitted “Fall 2011 is probably a good guess”.

But wait a second? Wasn't Alan Wake 2 outed on a LinkedIn subscriber's resume recently? Hakkinen, surprisingly candid for someone who is essentially a big-shot PR guy, confessed the leak “was a little unexpected”, as Remedy weren't prepared to start talking about it yet. However, Hakkinen revealed the team is simply happy to see “that there is interest out there” for Alan Wake 2.

We reviewed Alan Wake back in May of last year. While the atmosphere and pacing was excellent, the story and general gameplay itself was very lacking.

Bought 1st one few weeks ago, not started it yet but will be soon
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I'm actually on my Nightmare run-through of Alan Wake and i must say its a superb game.

I've still got the DLC to play to which is downloaded ready to go.

I'll certainly look forward to a new Alan Wake.


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I've still got the DLC to play to which is downloaded ready to go. the DLC that came with it and the other DLC that was reduced a few weeks back. Something I dont normally do when I have no idea what the game is like but I'm positive I'll like it once I get into it

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I also really enjoyed Alan Wake. The game does have it's faults and some big ones at that but nothing that can't be reworked in a sequel or whatever this recently announced spin-off is. Look forward to some more info. :thumbsup:


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I liked Alan Wake a lot. I thought breaking it up into episodes was really clever and having episodes end on cliff hangers really made it seem like a TV show.

I am looking forward to seeing what this new Alan Wake game could be.

There were rumours (taken from job postings) that Remedy was looking to hire Kinect developers and there was also news that Remedy were looking at better facial mapping/recognition technology so it would be interesting to see if any of these possible changes/features are in the new Alan Wake game.
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Was not a fan of the 1st game, but I really like American Nightmare, felt it had more free roam to it than Alan Wake.

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