ALAC for iphone?

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I need to replace my iPhone 6 with a new iPhone 12. For this I'm ripping my CD collection to iTunes so I can listen to my music collection (50% classical, 50% rock). I've already ripped the rock collection using AAC 320kbps , 44.1 kHz. I'm wandering whether to use the same or Apple Lossless for my classical collection, which I enjoy more critical collection. I'll be getting some good quality third party earbuds (probably Sony). Would I get noticeable better sound from the Apple Lossless files? My decision will determine the storage capacity and hence cost of the iPhone I buy. Many thanks for any advice


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Wired or wireless earbuds?
if Wireless I doubt you'd notice any difference.
If wired depends on the quality of the earbuds...and your hearing.

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