Akubarik Active Loudspeakers from Linn announced


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Aims to break the mould

Linn has announced its new Akubarik active loudspeakers that they're heralding as a truly ground-breaking product that they claim surpasses the performance of a traditional separate amplifier and speaker package.

Akubarik is a 5-way integrated Aktiv loudspeaker building on key technologies from Linn’s reference Klimax 350A loudspeakers. It features Aktiv analogue filters, on-board Chakra amplification, a Dynamik power supply and Linn’s 3K driver array.

The speaker also calls upon the company’s heritage for designing and producing innovative loudspeakers, including the original Linn Isobarik loudspeaker, this time with a down-firing ported isobaric bass system, bringing it up to date for today’s market.


Akubarik features two 8” impregnated, woven fibre-glass cones mounted face-to-face in the isobaric system on the underside of the enclosure. The drivers and two aerodynamically profiled bass ports fire downwards onto the profiled top of the machined-from-solid aluminium stand which, together with the solid stainless steel legs, supports the speaker.

By doubling the driving force, the moving mass and the stiffness of the suspensions (i.e. two cones, two motors and two voice coils), Akubarik is claimed to deliver flat between 28Khz and 100Hz. The bass cabinet includes a ¼ wave damping chamber to remove unwanted acoustic resonance from the enclosure. Bass output can be adjusted via dedicated bass controls concealed within the top of the amp module, with 3 roll-on frequencies and 7 bass shelf options, allowing for flexible positioning of the loudspeakers.

All of the other drivers of the Akubarik are mounted on the front baffle including Linn’s patented 3K driver array technology featuring a polyurethane 3” mid-range and 1” high frequency dome and a ½” silk super tweeter.

Upper bass is handled by a new 6” ‘treated’ paper driver mounted in its own large completely sealed enclosure designed to deliver better transients with less distortion. The upper bass driver is also located at an 'optimum distance' away from the 3K array to further extend the ‘point source’ behaviour.

The six-channel amp module (2 channels bridged for the Isobarik system) houses the Aktiv analogue filters and the patented Chakra ‘silent power’ amplification on one board to optimise the circuit layout and provide the shortest signal path.

Passive cooling is achieved by a chimney built into the amp module which draws the warm air up and out of the amp, meaning there is no need for a fan.

Linn says extensive development work was undertaken on the crossover design focussing on precise phase alignment between the drive units. A new hybrid filter design has been implemented to aid transition in the critical frequency region where the 6” upper bass and the 3”mid-range crossover.

Finished by hand, Akubarik is available in a range of finishes, including six high-grade real wood veneers in standard or high gloss options. A range of 200 bespoke, high gloss colour finishes are also available. Akubarik can be further personalised through the choice of polished metal or black finishes for the chassis of the 3K array.

Available in May from Linn Specialist dealers nationwide, Akubarik will be priced at £15,600.


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These sound stunning

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