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is amazon the best and cheapest place to get it??
whatabout dvd.com they have it as well even cheaper AFAIK.
I was thinking about buying akira but was put off by the fact that all regions had only 2.0 or 4.0 for the japanese track and 5.1 for the english dub.
good to know that it's worth it.


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Originally posted by captaineyecatch
Remember the DTS edition has got no extras - doesnt bother me as i've got the Ltd SE Tin as well.
I know that's a bit of a drawback. but if I can chose between DTS or extras (even though I'm "an extras man") DTS wins the LE is too expensive anyway. If I really wanna know more I could always get the UKR2 for a tenner. It's not like I haven't done that b4. I bought Matrix revisited for a tenner as well.

I see that u have dark water, how bad (scary) is the film?
I'll get it from a mate on VCD but if it's good I'll certainly go for the DVD is the DTS anygood, does it add to the atmosphere?



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what is it with blind buying??
I never did it b4 DVD but now I buy nearly 50% of my DVDs without having seen them b4. (that's a wild guess I'll check the exact % later)
I'm gonna buy Akira, Ghost in the shell, Princess mononoke, spirited away,shaolin soccer, lantana (australian) and rabbit proof fence blind as well. I also bought Minority and Goldmember blind.
Yet I never regretted any of my blind shopping trips.
Back on topic:I'll get akira in a bundle with Princess mononoke from amazon.ca for 60$can (24quid) I think that's reasonable


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Dark Water - should watch this today if i get time and i can leave my xbox alone for a while.
Princess mononoke is superb - you wont regret buying that just make sure you watch the Japanese version (with the correct eng subs - one is Dubtitles and the other is the proper subs) The English dub is very poor as usual.
Shaolin soccer is another one thats well worth buying - great HK dvd with lots of extras and even Seemless Branching - Its getting a release by Di$ney in the West But with over 20mins cut and Dubbed only :mad:
Ghost in the Shell Looks superb but is let down by a complicated story and not enough action - The TV series is meant to be superb just hope its gets a quick english Subtitle dvd release.
Spirited away is excellent i'm going to wait for the R1 Di$ney release for the very good english Dub - so my sisters kids can enjoy it - Remember the HK, Japanese release has a minor Red tint fault on the picture. While you are buying Spirited away you should also get Laputa, My neighbour Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Porco rosso, Whisper of the Heart - All great fillms I'll be ordering them after xmas from dddhouse as the HK dvds are very good almost as good as the very pricey Japanese dvds.


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Originally posted by captaineyecatch
just make sure you watch the Japanese version [...]The English dub is very poor as usual.
Don't worry I won't even select the english track once. I only listen to the original soundtrack, I hate dubs.


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Well just watched Dark Water - Very good film, nice and creepy.
Not as good as Ring 2 but as good as Ring 1. The dvd is very good quality with a good anamorphic picture, Great English subs (no spelling mistakes and the signs, posters on walls etc are subbed). The DTS is nice and subtle (its DTS ES if you have the equipment) really adds to the creepyness. No extras not even a trailer.

the thing wnn

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anyone notice anything about the picture quality of the new dts disc?

I kept feeling that the new print on the dts disc isn't quite as good as the print on the tin 2 disc version.

Couldn't do a side by side comparison, and my pc dvd player is acting up and won't play either of them!

anyone able to do some side by side screen shots of the new dts version next to the older 2 disc version?

particularly, the scene at the end-ish, when Kaneda is inside the Akira white ball and is being spoken to by one of the super-kids. Where you see him close up on a white background, plus a super close up of his face?

Seemed a bit grainier than b4

maybe just me?

was watching on a 42" plasma, so should really spot any subtlties.

Also, nowhere on the new dts does it mention THX approval like on the 2 disc.

I hope i'm just being paranoid but can you have a look?

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