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Hi Captain,

I think the new re-release of "Akira" with both the newly remastered subtitles, and the old Streamline USA dubbed version has been temporarily shelved.

I don't think it was ever going to have a DTS soundtrack though, as the original film was only Dolby 2.0 Surround in the cinemas. Bear in mind, the film was made in 1987, and it is extremely rare for anime movies to have Japanese language DTS soundtracks, unless the film is either really new (past three years or so) or the film/episodes were made specifically for non-theatrical release.

Oh, and the release was only going to be a Region 2 release anyway, so the chances of a DTS soundtrack would be practically nil anyhow! ;)



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nice Ryo Oki avatar :)

Well, Akira WAS released last year with a 5.1DD english soundtrack ( :( ) but a 2.0 Japanese. I'd love a copy of it with the Japanese track re-mastered. Do you have this version??


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