AKG Y500 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review & Comments


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Thanks for the Review
Tempting at the price, though the Comfort factor is a concern

Don Dadda

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I maybe in the market for new wireless headphones soon and these are Nice looking pair. I do prefer on-ear headphones over the other types so these are appealing.

Has the band got much padding and are the sponges replaceable if the coating becomes flaky/deteriorate? Going by the looks which is not the conventional type, they don't look like they are easily replaceable.

Are they able to switch from a android device to iOS without need to reset/pair it each time I switch?

I currently have a pair of XTZ Divines Bluetooth headphones which i use every day for commuting or travelling and I'm very happy with the sound quality and are not tight on the ears
However, the headband isn't the most padded so can become uncomfortable after period of time resting on my head, especially as I haven't got much on top.

The coating on the sponge deteriorated after about a year making it all flaky with bits falling off or sticking to my ear. A small tear occurred on the edge of the left sponge which rapidly went around with any slight tug. The right side is not far behind. There are direct replacements for them but only from XTZ in Sweden and with shipping costs and a dodgy ££, make them way too expensive for ear sponges. Plus it I can see it happening again if they are the same sort. Going to try a set of sponges from the bay and see how I get on


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I bought a pair for 50% off as a Samsung Owners Club promotion last month.

I was initially disappointed compared to a cheaper pair of JBLs but they have vastly loosened up over the past few weeks.

Sound is very revealing of low quality sources and poor mastering which I like.

Are they able to switch from a android device to iOS without need to reset/pair it each time I switch?
Yes, no issues. I use on my S9 and iPad.


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This must be an extortionate amount for a 2019 BT Headphone that can only handle SBC. Should be under £50.

SBC is rubbish for audio quality even for £10 music streaming services and will have major latency issues for video.

2 out of 10.

Decent sound quality it is not. Need to up your audio quality standards.


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Just got a pair of these and I have to say the sound quality is poor compared with the X number of years old AKG K451 they are replacing. They don't seem to go very loud when paired with an iPhone, am I doing something wrong or have others experienced this. I will give them a few days trail before send them back. Any other recommendations around the same price?
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