Akg k81 but they are akg k181s !! Help Please


Hi all, just thought id share this with you and apologies if not aloud to post on here, just that ive seen a powerseller selling akg k81 headphones on fleebay and the picture and description is actually the AKG K181 DJ PROFFESSIONAL !!!! So is this a Bargain or just a way of trying to sell the cheaper ones...? If im aloud to post the item number here please let me no so you can view and give me your opinion of what i should do as after all im helping you guys/gals on here and its actuall the AKG K181 I Want anyway

What i didnt want to do was to buy these and thinking im getting the AKG K181 And when they turn up they are actually just the AKG K81 !! I have emailed him and he replyed saying they are the AKG K81 So why hasnt he changed the description as people buying would think like me they are actually the AKG K181 ...As in the item description if i went ahead and bought these and they turned out to be the AKG K81 And not the AKG K181 I suppose i would have a case as they are definately described as the AKG K181 ...Oh well hope not confusing you all here but if you no about these headphones you will no what i mean..

Cheers from Brian

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