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Aug 17, 2002
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Been looking around the web for progressive scan DVD players and came across this on EBay....


(Oops... it should have pasted a Html link...)

Seems fairly comprehensive, especially for $130 + $70 shipped to Europe...

Has anyone had an Akai dvd player ? - I know that Argos stock a fairly standard model. Mind you , its galling how cheap prog scan models are in the States...This one is multi voltage and I wonder whether it would do R2discs in prog scan mode.

Sean G.
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Hi Sean,

I have one of these players and (for the money) they are great. The only problem is its detection of progressive scan material is a bit suspect, you will have to select Video from the "secret" menu for a lot of Video material, for example, especially extra's on DVDs that are often shot on Video.

It does indeed do PAL Progressive Scan, but again, not automatically. Generally you need to go into the "secret" menu again and select "Film" mode. The first time I tested this with Star Wars: Episode 1 Region 2, and just comparing the Fox logo at the beginning between interlaced and progressive modes was incredible.

A lot of R2 DVDs are poorly encoded, however, and for those where "Film" mode doesn't work "Video" will.

Another good test DVD is Star Trek: Insurrection - lots of hay, rooftops and other jagged edges that producer shimmer in interlaced mode. Switch to progressive and everything is rock-solid.

From test discs I think they way it displays deep black might be a little suspect, but it can display blacker than black and generally DVDs look better than on players I have had the chance to compare it to - most recently a Toshiba 3109 and my computer hooked up via the VGA input on the plasma.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply, Alex, and welcome to the forum.

I'm using a ProV to process DVD to my projector at the moment, while waiting parts to complete a HCPC - I'll proably go this route instead of a prog scan DVD player.

Mind you, considering I posted this query in September, and the reply cropped up about two months later just goes to show -

all things come to he who waits !!!!

All the best,

Sean G.
I was given a AKAI DVD PLAYER model DVPS-760 by a friend. It came with no
manual which I need badly. Anyone have a source so I can download it?
Also I am in the USA and all my player will do is commercial dvds. How do I get it to play homemade dvds or any dvds? How do I get to the secret menu?
any help would be most appreciated.
[email protected]:lease:

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