AKAI 30" LCD TV - £1500 at Comet - any info?


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Comet have the AKAI LM-H30CJSA on line at £1499.99 and a 27 incher at £1299.99.

Anyone know anything about these as the prices are pretty keen?

I've done a search here and google and can't find any reviews or much information.


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I had a look in Comet today. The signal being fed was of terrible quality. (How they get the general public to spend thousands on these things looking that bad is beyond me and tell me agian why they deserve more of your cash than internet shops?)

However, assuming all the signals to each tv are pretty much equal in their poor quality, the Akai looked by far the worst picture.

It was flickery, juddery and had horizontal interference lines. On still images it still flickered and wobbled up and down when the sets next to it gave a reasonably clean static picture. On pans and movement the judder made it look like a frame by frame advance.

Next to the Philips 30 incher, the Akai looked like a piece of junk and justified the extra grand that Comet were charging for it.

The philips is about £1800 on line now, so I might just wait till it drops to below £1500 with the new models coming out or maybe wait for a price drop on the 27" Thomson which didn't look too bad.


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I've now found out the LG 30 incher is from £1440, and has decent reviews - well, 4/5 and 87%. It also looks great and minimalist without the speakers which I won't need.

I think they are last years models - are they really far behind this years?


Does anyone find a review on teh web of these screens ?

I went to Comet today, qnd the 30" is 1299 £.
Quite a good deal if the quality is OK.

I Checked the screen with my laptop and result was quite good (1024*768, my laptop didn't want to go up....strange for a 1280*720 LCD)

Luminosity was not the best, but for the price...

Feeded with the same ugly video signal as the others screens, result was quite bad, and the integrated tuner isn't probably the best.

I didn't bought it because the guy couldn't tell me if the screen can handle above 720p via component entry. I don't think it can, but would like to have it for the Xbox....

I watched at Richersounds the Goodmans 27" (which is exactly the same from outside except the brand sign). They feeded Finding Nemo via Svideo, and result was OK. compared to a Toshiba plasma next to it, it was not too bad (of course darker than the plasma !)

If anybody has experience, please post.


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The Old Akai doesn't exist anymore just the brand name remains, so when you are buying akai you could be buying anything, you may wish to check
http://www.akai.com/ , try and find a telephone number, company address contact details , there is nothing .


I'm rather thinking about removing the brand, and leave it unmarked :)

Apart from that, has anyone see this screen in good conditions ?



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Your call just remember if you dealer goes bust any only recall is to a company that doesn't provide any contact details other than an email address Good Luck you deserve the customer service that you will get


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We have the 27" version (AKAI LM-H27CJSA), purchased approx 2 months ago, and we are very pleased with it.

It is connected to a Sky Digibox via Scart and the LCD is set to RGB input. We have also used the tuner input (before the Digibox was installed) and found the tuner to be acceptable. (Bear in mind we live in an area with poor terrestial signal strength.) TV tuning was very easy. We just let the auto setup sort everything out.

We are not over impressed with the audio. The inbuilt speakers cannot handle bass very well, presumably due to their size.

We are v. happy with picture quality although I appreciate PQ is a very subjective thing.

One downside is that there is only one Scart input. Not a problem in our set up. But some people may find this annoying.

I have not tried connecting to a PC via the D-SUB connection, so cannot comment on this.

If anyone wants any more info, then let me know.



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Check out the Ferguson 32 inch from Currys and Dixons £1499 (special offer ends today) really nice looking set, my sister in law's boyfriend has just ordered one and it is being delivered on Friday.

Saw it set-up in store and even though it was the typical crappy setup the picture quality was great.

Check out the currys website and enter 142017 in the search field at the top of the page.


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The Ironduke said:
you might wanna take a look at the hitachi ld52000 for that price
Most definitely! cheapest ive seen is now £1056!!!

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