Aiwa XD-DV480 and RCE



Ok I bought an Aiwa XD-DV480 about 3 months ago from Richer Sounds.
"Stop giggling at the back there":D Seriously though I did want the Aiwa :)
They did the Multi Region upgrade in shop and it works great playing region 1 and the rest.

The problem is that not being completely up with the buffs when it comes to the know how of home entertainment I was unaware of the dreaded "Regional Coding Enhancement".

Now I want to purchase the Region 1 Spiderman and guess what, as most you are probabbly aware it's got RCE.

My question's are these,
1: does anyone else out there own the same model Aiwa with multi region set and knows whether it will play RCE.
2: does anyone know where I might find out without having to spend money on a RCE DVD just to see if it will work or not.

Hope someone can help,


Oh come on, someone must have the same DVD player......


I have posted this question on five different DVD hardware forums and no one seems to know :(
After further searching I found this which is the closest thing to a confirmation although I am still not fully convinced.
Judging by the list, there cannot be that many players that will not play RCE (as long as they're multi-regional of course). Is this because RCE is not as recent as I'd first thought. I was under the impression it came into being last year but it seems that it has been around since 2000 maybe earlier.

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