Aiwa AD_WX909K Cassette deck belts source?


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Hi all,

I have a poorly Aiwa AD-WX909K twin cassette deck which developed increasingly erratic tape transport problems over time and then eventually stopped working all together.

On inspection, the main drive belts (two in the left hand deck, one in the right hand deck) are stretched and slack - in fact the main drive belt on the left deck was so slack it had fallen off.

I estimate that all of these belts (allowing for the fact that the originals have stretched) should be approximately 72mm diameter (when laid in a perfect circle) - they are flat belts, 0.5mm thick and 4mm wide.

1) Does anyone know a good general UK source of cassette drive belts? If so, a PM would be appreciated.

2) Does anyone have the service manual, and if so could you please confirm the Aiwa part numbers for the belts? Even if there is now no hope of ordering replacements from Aiwa, it will help to know whether all the belts are the same, whether two are the same and one different, or whether all are different. Some trade suppliers (like Charles Hyde) are very make/model/part number-within-model organised - they may have these parts listed as belonging to another model which uses the same Aiwa belts - if I can specify the Aiwa part number I'll probably have better luck with that sort of supplier.

3) If you happpen to know these models well, do you know of any other Aiwa model which used the same decks (and would therefore use the same belts?)

Thanks in advance.


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As sad as it may be to say this but eBay *can* be a good source of spares and (copies of) service manuals. There is a forum - TapeHeads.Net - where you are likely to get the best advice though.


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Thanks for the advice, gents - I had not heard of this particular resource before.

I did acquire a service manual and so I can at least give this general information about the unit for anyone else finding themselves going down the same road.

The two (different) deck mechanisms and the Aiwa part numbers for their belts are:

Deck 1 = Aiwa type X3. Belt is:
'Belt' 86-535-294

Deck 2 = Aiwa type DM28. Belts are:
'Rubber Belt B' 81-507-207
'Rubber Belt (4L-1)' 81-507-261
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