Aiwa a/v recievers


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Obviously I'm on a budget here, and I'd like to replace my aging Yammy DSP-A492. I'm considering this geezer:

or it's larger brother:

Tempted to the cheaper of the two mainly because it's cheap. My current speaker cable won't fit in the ports on the Aiwa, so I'll need to budget for some basic cable too, probably QED standard. Currently have Biwire silver anniversary. Speakers are mission M73, DVD is a Wharfedale 750. I already have a nice selection of interconnects and some big fat scart leads.

Can anyone offer opinions on the above? Are any alternatives available for the money? Don't really want to go secondhand as I want a warranty (probably an extended one).


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Is second hand absolutely out of the question?

Sony STR-DB930/940's are always popping up for sale on this forum. Either model would be a far better buy if you could pick one up for ~£150. Considering your speakers, interconnects, cabling etc I'd imagine that would be a better option than getting the AIWA (although I must admit I know absolutely nothing about it whatsoever, lol).



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That's the main problem, I know zip all about it. Secondhand is almost certainly a no-no, I really do need the warranty. I managed to find a german review of it that was quite praising but that's about it.


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I would personaly say away from an AV receiver which does not have Dolby Prologic II, the two models you posted do not have it.

For budget look at the Marantz SR 4200 and the DENON AVR 1602.

Both are great budget performers.

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Honestly, for the money it looks like a good buy. I used to run an Aiwa reciever and it sounded great. very powerful and very dynamic. The rears were quieter than I expected but as this was an early home cinema amp, and times have moved on.

I understand that Richer offer a 10 day money back if you are not happy with your product. you have nothing to loose.

And as for not buying an amp because it cannot process pro-logic 2, rubbish. Only buy it if it does the things you need.


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Bought the Aiwa AVNW30 for my sister for Xmas. Seems fine to me for the money - handles DTS & DD5.1 well, which quite frankly is what really counts for most people.


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Might be worth my going upmarket afterall, Marantz SR4200 has full banana capable binding posts and is a lot more feature packed than the Aiwa. Richer can garuntee a stock date on the Aiwas either - they sold out very quickly!


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Better safe than sorry, I got the Marantz SR4200 instead. Will save me buying new speaker cable too.

Cheers for the advice.

For the price it'll cost to replace the cable an extra 50 quid on the amp will probably end up being the same price

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