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Ok i'm after advice again!

I have a new imac in the study connected to virgin media netgear DG834G wireless router which is in my lounge. I love the thought of being able to play my itunes on my dining room stereo and possibly my bedroom stereo too.

I have read a bit about airport but i'm a little confused. Can someone please advise which is the best way for me to do this.


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If you want to stick with Apple you could get one of these : ... which has an audio output that you plug in to your stereo and from itunes on the imac you can wirelessly send audio to it ... you could get a second one and hook that to the bedroom stereo and send music to there too

They are one-way devices so no remote control functions - you listen to what you send ... you can get other devices with remotes/screens/etc but are more expensive ...

This is an easier way in !



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Cheers guys, Looks like i'll go for one airport express for the dining room for now. I will also download salling clicker which should apparently enable my mobile phone to act as bluetooth remote for it as well.

No doubt you'll hear from me later about how it went!

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