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Airport problems. Disconnecting?

Hi all

More recently now, i am losing internet connection on my iMac (3.06)

Airport shows it as still connected. with all bars on the radar highlighted, but I have ZERO internet connection

the only way to solve is to turn airport off, then back on again, where it then reconnects and all is fine untill it happens again.. usually when downloading something!

has anyone had this before? or know of it as an issue??

could my airport card in the mac be playing up?


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When this happens again, open up SystemPreferences>Network>Airport and you may see that the IP address is something like 169.254.xxx.xxx . If so, your wireless router and Mac have just "disagreed" over some IP assignment, and cycling the Airport connection temporarily sorts this out.

What you need to do is to assign a fixed/static IP address for your Mac in your router setup.

I use a Netgear DG834GT and happens if I use recent revisions of its firmware. Downgrading helps but I lose some features which I do not use.
Thanks Cam, a bit like this? (attached)


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That's the one Dave!

A better one would be Network Utility. Type it in Spotlight and once open, select your 'Airport' and it should look like the attached screen grab.

Network Utility is dynamic too which means it will change it's display as things change so if your Mac does drop off the network, you will be able to tell instantly.


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