Airplay - terrible buffering and stuttering? Any fixes?


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I did post this in the C8 thread, but as I didn’t get much response and it also effects my mothers cheap LCD LG, thought it worth asking the wider LG owner community...

I’ve now got Apple Airplay on my C8, and the performance is absolutely terrible. I can not achieve smooth playback.

Issue is with the footage on my iPhone 12 Pro, and also 4K footage from my DJI drone (streamed from my iPhone).

The TV is hardwired to the router, and I have tried 2.4 and 5GHz connection to the router with my iPhone.

Has any managed to get it working well? Any tips?


No it's pretty crap. I've just tested a video I took on my iPhone 10 back in September, and another from the iPhone 12 Pro at the end of December, and both are very jerky on the C8, but perfect on the AppleTV 4K.

Both devices hardwired, the AppleTV 4K is under the TV.


Although actually, after posting that I've left the 4k60 video from the iPhone 12 Pro playing and after a couple of minutes it's now settled and playing smoothly on the C8. 🤷🏻

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