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AirPlay Options?


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So, moved house and resigned myself to the fact that I have to sell the Kef's 2005.3 Eggs and Onkyo Home Cinema setup. Looking at AirPlay options for multiroom audio to try and soften the blow!

I want predominantly for Music now, but still want to be able to get decent sound for TV and Movies too if at all possible. I have a 40" TV in ground floor Family Room, a 50" TV in first floor Lounge and a 20" TV in top floor main bedroom. I have ATV3's set up in each location so could use those for AirPlay features direct to speakers/amp and speakers or could go for something with AirPlay built in for direct use.

The only real option I have seen is the Sonos kit. Just want peoples opinions and experience if possible guys.

Would entertain a Soundbar set up in the 2 rooms with the bigger TV's too. How good are these solutions these days. I know they wont compare to the Kef's but open to ideas still.

Posted here as its Mac related rather than elsewhere.

Cheers guys.


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Can I also jump onboard and ask what the benefit of having a Sonos Bridge and several Play 3 or 5 units would be, over say several of these: Panasonic SCHC57DBEBK, Compact Stereo System with iPod®/iPhone® Dock | Rgbdirect

These have Airplay so you can play music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer, it has a dock and plays CDs and can be controlled by the iPhone and iPad. Surely it's just as good (if not better) than a Sonos system, for less cash?

Why is the Sonos system so highly rated when as far as I can see, Airplay does everything just as well?


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Jump on fella, asking similar questions to my query and answers applicable to both parties.

Have not seen those, but the Sonos sound is amazing so I am assuming you pay for the quality here. Can't comment on the Panny's sound though obviously. The Sonos are one of the only systems that supposedly get true multiroom as the sound is sync'ed perfectly whereas others have lag between units. Depends if this matters to you in reality.

I only want a wireless playback as don't do CD's anymore and hate having to dock my
IThings and then get up to change tracks. Therefore any benefits of those items are wasted on me not that everyone has the same scenario mind you. If you still use CD's and the Dock then it's worthwhile clearly.
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I doubt I'd use the dock or the CD player either, but I'd certainly use the alarm and timer function in the bedroom and also the DAB and internet radio function.

We currently use a DAB stereo system with an Airport Express which works great, but it's too big and bulky with loads of wires for the kitchen (aux, 2x power, 2 speaker and 2x antennas!) so an all in one would be preferable. I can't find any other devices (with or without the redundant dock and CD player) that come in at around this sort of money. The only other would be the B&W Zepplin, but this won't have an alarm or timer, which I'd like on the bedroom stereo.

Hadn't thought of the synchronised music between devices, but for me I don't think would be crucial.

Interesting stuff though, thanks for posting.


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No problem. The Panny looks nice, but is a bit large for my needs.

DAB is not a problem as just use the App on my iPhone or iPad for that. They also have an alarm and timer function too remember.

Love the Zeppelin Air, but cost is the question there when talking multiroom!

Some experience from those who have built such a system would be useful to us both, fingers crossed...

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