Airplay issue on LG CX OLED


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I have an LG CX series TV with the latest OS which has Airplay 2. The TV has the latest software and is correctly paired with my devices.

I have a Macbook and iMac both running the latest OS (Monterey 12.1) and both devices suffer exactly the same problems - which have existed in previous versions of OS. All Apple support instructions have been followed.

I can 'screen mirror' the Macs to the TV although it can be choppy.

My issue is when I try to cast my own videos from Finder using Airplay.

I can play Youtube using the Airplay button from both devices. If I use Elmidia Video Player, the homemade videos play fine (as experienced using the 5 minutes free trial before having to commit to the paid-for version - which I didn't do).

However, I cannot stream the same video files using either the Apple TV app or Quicktime. Apple TV comes up with the error message 'This video is in a format that can’t be streamed to this TV' whereas Quicktime just hangs (but tells me that the content is playing on the TV). The format must be OK as the Elmedia Player works OK. It is obvious that the TV is receiving the Airplay signal as it goes into the initial Airplay screen - but doesn't progress any further.

Any clue why this isn't working?


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The Airplay used on the TV is not quite the same as Airplay used on say the AppleTV set top box.

The developers of Airparrot pointed this out as they had to add specific support for smart TVs with Airplay 2 as their software wouldn't work with them prior to the update, yet the ATV set top box worked fine. That software also has quality control settings, so you can lower quality to make it less choppy for desktop mirroring/extending.

The ATV app and Quicktime app on Macos could have only been tested with the TV's airplay for media that meets certain criteria, the Elmidia player is bypassing these restrictions, just a guess on my part.


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A few weeks ago I was running AirPlay 2 a lot on my CX, in fact I'm using it right now to watch Kingdom of Heaven in HD from Apple-TV on a Macbook Pro.

HD seems to be fine, but I have encountered those 'wrong format' errors when streaming UHD-HDR-ATMOS through AirPlay, right after it drops out from streaming.

The last one I recall was Aquaman. It dropped out about 3 times with that error before I finally gave up.

During those 'experiments' with UHD over AirPlay, I determined that it was using 30 Mbps to display, which is about triple of what the integral Apple-TV application on the CX uses for the same title.
So my surmise was that it was just too much bandwidth.

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