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Discussion in 'Music Streamers' started by teeth2k, Feb 11, 2014.

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    Ok this might sound a strange on but hopefully some one can help me clean up the rough edges on my idea.

    I have some AirPlay speakers which I want to untalise in my barthroom and kitchen

    My plan is to strip the speaker AirPlay pcb (similar size pcb to rasberry pi) and fit a wet room/boat speaker into the ceiling and connect this up.
    The unit itself has a total of 15watts output and is powered by a 12v transformer, I know the acoustics may be poor but I'm only after background music as I have a full av setup in my living room.

    What would people suggest for running power to this transformer, I did think extra socket in between floorboard and celing some where but on the safty side of things I'm thinking about a separate enclosure hidden away in a cupboard somewhere

    Has anyone setup an air play system in their house?

    Ideas and advice would be very helpful no matter if you have setone up or not and to cover ideas I may have not had


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