Airplay 2 on 75UM7050PLA?


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Apologies if this has been asked previously, I did have a quick search but couldn’t see anything.

I’ve read conflicting reports on whether the 75UM7050PLA comes with Airplay 2 installed. Does anyone know? I believe this is the 2020 model.

If not is there an alternative method of casting from iPhone to the TV?



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If a 2020 model then Airplay 2 would be already implemented into the TV. I've also seen spec sheets that state the TV is Airplay 2 compliant.

LG have also posted this page on their site:

Any means by which to convey a signal from an iOS device would require intermediary devices if wishing to use Airplay. You'd ordinarilly be limited to audio in association with such devices though. The same goes for Bluetooth. You only get the ability to convey video if using Airplay 2 or if the intermediary device is an Apple TV.
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I have 2019 um7100 on 4.80.15 firmware which has airplay 2. Casting phone screen or video works fine taking less battery than screen sharing on my lg phone.

No multi tasking possible while connected and I have not tried facecall or Whatsapp

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