Air Cooling Options For GTX 480 Graphics Card

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I am looking for an aftermarket air cooling solution for a GTX 480 graphics card in the hope of reducing the noise from the stock air cooler. The Zalman VF3000F seems to get reasonable feedback but I wondered if there were any other options.

The GTX 480 in the PC is not used for games but is used for video editing and rendering and also encoding for live web streaming. Even at "idle" the background noise from the fan is noticable, quite a bit more so that the Radeon 5850 that it replaced.

The PC case is an Antec P183 v3 with a Corsair H80 CPU cooler and is ventilated using Noctua fans and it is generally fairly quiet.

Any suggestions or feeddback most appreciated.



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I have one on my 280gtx & it's amazing. can't even hear it on high load & the cooling is second to none.

Temps on that card dropped 30c , to around 50c from well above 85c under load.

Going to get one for my 560ti now as that is very noisy......

Only thing is , it's HUGE, make sure you have the room in your case.

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