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charris cy

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I am trying to understand how the remote of a Daikin air condition sendS IR command to the unit? Are they all discreet codes? For example when you press up once on the remote to go let's say from 22C to 23C and the air condition is working at 18C, would it change temp to 19C or 23C?

We are trying to control three of these units using an RTI control system. It is similar to Crestron/AMX but not as poweful and not as many options, but we still have IR, RS232(1-way) and realy control. How can we control these units? Is it possible to connect a thermostat to them and control the thermostat? What about realy control?


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Usually descrete codes. You can check this by increasing the temp on the remote and blocking the IR- then spring a new temp like 20 and the a/c will change to 20. There is usually a bit of syncronization when you press the on button. That is why it often needs two presses and bleeps to initialize the a/c .
In your situation if all the a/cs are turned on at the same time with the same command I don't see why the same temp adjustment can't be sent at the same time. The key is to make sure they are all doing the same thing. Probably need a few commands ie on, on, cool, 20 etc. Not much good sending a 20 degree command when one is in cool mode and the others are in fan mode!

charris cy

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If they are discrete then I must have the new remotes to learn all the ir commands temps from 18 to 30. Any of the experienced installers know any way to control a simple daikin split unit other than ir? connect thermostat possible?

If we go the ir way, any help or tips?

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