Air con installers in Northants area.


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Hi all,

After reading a thread in the for sale section it got me thinking about the old aircon unit we have at home....

We have a split unit attached to our house, recently one of the metal pipes split as a result of me bashing in to it with a new fridge!! Since then I have removed the unit from the wall and wish to have it all installed in our new games room/home theatre in the garden. So does anybody know roughly how much installation would be for this unit? (I could fit it in myself it just the filling with gas etc. that I cannot do, if that would make it cheaper?)

Also do you think it is a worthwhile expense to have the air-con installed?

Looking forward to your comments!!

Many Thanks


brian t

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hi, i am a refrigeration engineer in dorset sorry to here about your mishap. refrigeration gas is quite expensive would imagine yours has R22 in it if your a/c system is going back to back ie indoor unit and outdoor unit on same wall cost of gas is about £95 PLUS LABOUR. if you fix units in position yourself and leave the rest to an engineer which means some new copper pipeing as well your probably looking at about £250. cheers


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Thanks a lot for for that info, not as much as I thought. Do you reckon that I if I did put the units on the walls myself , an engineer would be willing to connect up, or do they prefer to normally do the whole job and hence more money?

Many thanks in advance



most engineers dont mind but i hope your pipes are sealed on the indoor and outdoor units
hope all goes well with the install


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Gatekeeper, I have a similar problem and I am based in the South east (Surrey), how much realistically should I be expecting to pay to have a Daikin split unit installed?


i would agree with brian t approx £250 depending on pipe run etc. but if those pipes are not sealed there can be alot more work involved to get the system going. so seal those pipes now, and tell the engineer before you get a quote if they have been open. ( never allow water or moisture into the system or pipework )

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