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Hi, today I wanted to use Active Track well for the first time and the drone to follow my car on the road (country road). But it seems incredible, this made me anxious, because I had problems.
Precisely 2 problems:

1) As soon as I circumscribe my car, with my finger by creating a rectangle on the display of the Smartphone (Samsung), a demo panel of 3-4cm comes out, showing me how to do it. And from there I can't get out because I can not find the "Go" button. I have to mess around for several minutes, and I do everything, but that damn demo panel doesn't go away. Then, when I least expect it, the "Go" button pops up. But I don't know how.

2) After the drove works very well following the car, on the smartphone display I push "Stop" and the drone stops but in the air. Then when I move the remote control stick to be able to land the drone, the drone doesn't land. Also this time I have stomach pains. At that moment I was thinking of leaving it suspended at the end of the battery life, because there was nothing to do to make it land. Then suddenly the stick controls work and the drone lands. I don't think so, on the contrary I hope that there are no communication problems between the drone and the remote control. I really think I do something wrong, perhaps in the configuration or when I push the wrong keys on the display. The fact is that if I were to think about using Active Track again I get stomach pains. ;) Someone is kind enough to tell me where am I wrong? Could you tell me the right steps, step by step which buttons exactly presses? It seems so easy to me that it doesn't seem true to me that I have all these problems. I don't use the other functions, they don't interest me. I'm only interested in having the car follow the drone.
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Have you tried YouTube for help , dronexfactor , Ianinlondon and techdronemedia are my three go to channels 👍

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