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I have a Samsung HX806SH 5.1 system in our bedroom which was my first home cinema system. I replaced it with the Samsung-C5500 which is now in my living room as I thought that would give me more control over the sound. The less expensive HX had more options for sound control and settings but I still find those systems too booomey, especially the C5500. At a level were speech is definable, sound effects when they kick in especially in action films have me turning the volume down, then back up to hear the speech. I would prefer a setting where the effects do not increase the volume of the sound and though I did find a setting for night watching which was supposed the limit the dynamics of these sounds, I didnt find the resulting sounds satisfying. Is this the case with all home cinema systems?
I am looking at purchasing separates now, Yamaha RXV381 receiver with Wharfdale
DX1 SE speakers which I planned to pick up later this week, but I dont want to also find there is no improvement over sound control.

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Room - no matter what system you have the interaction between the Room, your kit and where you are sitting is key to good audio quality, a heavy rug omg the floor is a good upgrade in many modern 'minimalist' rooms.

Some pics and or a sketch of the Room/Room layout will help folk guide you towards suitable hardware.

Most systems are 'set and forget' - you should not have to be constantly fiddling with settings.


PS Hearing - always worth considering you may be having issues at some frequencies!
PS Hearing - always worth considering you may be having issues at some frequencies!

Thats a good point actually. I do struggle with speech if there is a lot of other background noise and I have noticed this in general.
My new system blows the others away for quality. I used the supplied mike to auto adjust the speakers and can see now my previous satellite speakers were manually set too high.

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