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Ahhhhh, this is so :o(

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by Xbox360_Junkie, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Xbox360_Junkie

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    Aug 29, 2005
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    Hi people (AGAIN)

    I'm seriously going to need some help hooking up my new rig. I'm getting:

    Toshiba 32WL56 LCD screen (HD-Ready)
    Xbox 360
    Denon Pal Progressive DHT-500SD Home theatre Package

    I thought I had everything perfectly sorted, however It appears I'm a long way off. I originally thought i could connect my Xbox 360 to the HDMI input on the back of my screen, but it turns out that this cannot be done, due to the fact the initial console has no HDMI port. So..Lets have a re-think.

    On my screen I have the following connections. This is the one of the drawbacks to my screen, its lack of component inputs:

    Component video: Via PC Input
    RUGBY: 1
    SCART: 2
    Front/side AV input
    PC Input
    SA - Video Input

    I do believe the screen has only two Scart connections, one of them being RGB, not that you guys think i have two standard scarts and one RGB, just to save the confusion.

    The simple way of doing things would be to connect the xbox two one scart, and the home cinema to another right? But saying that I'll only get a limited experience then, due to the fact i wont be getting the best picture possible, from either the 360 or the DVD player.

    So...i have been told that I could use an adapter thats thankfully provided with my AVG PC INPUT. I was going to use this for my DVD player, seeing as though PAL Progressive Scan cannot be achieved through SCART connections. Still, i would have no idea how do to this. If i could, with your help, manage to do this, that would only leave me to worry about my 360.

    People are telling me I would have to do something similar with my 360 console, using the AVG PC Input. However, i do believe i only have one on my screen. Would this mean i would have to alternate between the two pieces of equipment. (E.g. when i want to watch dvd's, un-plug the 360 and plug in the dvd player, and if i wanted to use the 360, un-plug the dvd player and plug in the 360) If that makes any sense what so ever.

    I'm struggling to understand any of this. Can anybody help me? I just want the best possible picture quality for both my xbox 360 and Denon home cinema!

    Regards, anything is appreciated. :lease:

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