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Aha demolition man selling rights of taco bell to pizza hut...


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Sad gits

Even worse you missed one


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I posted about this a while back, apparently it was done years ago to make two versions .
One for the west and one for the east....can't remember exactly why but defo not newly been redone.


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The "why" is because there are many countries where "Taco Bell" is either non-existent or so few in number as to render the "joke" meaningless. Whereas Pizza Hut, on the other hand.......


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When I saw it in the cinema, I distinctly remember it being Taco Bell - in fact, I think my (R2) DVD version was Taco Bell too. But recently when shown on Sky Movies I've noticed it's the Pizza Hut version. Has the Taco Bell version been superceded by the Pizza Hut one in UK distributions, or is it just "luck of the draw"?


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Didn't realise it had been done years ado, UK used to have the taco bell version on telly though,


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Its a bit like Audi adverts, if no one could buy one it would a waste of money. Audi are very clever with their ads.....

Sorry did I say Audi....I meant Iron Man films;)

Yes I know they need the money to make films. It just gets a bit boring.


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They have put (badly) the pizza hut signs on all taco bell signs in the film and dubbed the words. But they missed that one


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Not seen that film since I was a kid, only sat through it last night as my son fell asleep on my arm and I couldn't reach the remote, dare not wake the kracken when he's off to sleep

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