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I feel the time has come for me to get a DVD recorder. Predictably I have narrowed the choices down to the Panasonic E30 and the Philips 890. My only big concern is the DV input. Is there a noticeable difference in quality between a DVD recording made via a DV connection compared to via a S-Video connection?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated



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DV input is for connecting a digital camcorder. If you have one of these, with the correct output on the camcorder (FireWire), then go for a model with the DV connector. Quality should be much higher than s-video. If you don't have the camcorder, then you don't need the DV connector.

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I had the same debate and decided to go for the Panasonic E30. As a friend pointed out I'm likely to want to edit the DV footage first so transfering the raw footage to DVD wasn't really useful.



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I have a digi cam and have copied to the E20 via the "S" video connections. Results are excellent. Can't see the difference from the master. If you intend to use a 500 inch TV screen then perhaps Ilink would be needed...:D :D :D

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