Aging 5.1 Upgrade or Soundbar - Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; You're My Only Hope ...


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This has probably been asked a thousand times but I have dragged myself down a wormhole in my quest to upgrade my ageing 5.1 set up, I would like to get on the entry level for Dolby Atmos etc but I do not have a massive living room (4x4M) and my current system is in the corner with rear speakers mounted on the wall, see below in the embarrassing floor plan. Current system is:

Pioneer VSX-300 AV
Pioneer S-11 Speaker & Sub
Samsung UE55NU7400 4K TV (not looking to replace)
Xbox Series X

I use this setup for movies , watching Netflix's Disney plus and gaming , also have Sky Q. I am thinking of the following path:

1) Upgrade the AV thinking of the Sony STR-DN1080 or STR-DN790, Upgrade speakers to Wharfdale DX2

2) Replace the setup with the Sonos Arc Sound Bar

3) Replace with a Samsung 800A Sound Bar & Sub Set up or a Sony HT-G700

Any advice would be great , I know the first thing people will say is a sound bar will not replace the 5.1 as I will miss the rear speakers but from what I am reading about the net sounds bars they are pretty good and I'm not huge audiophile. I'm probably looking at a budget of sub £1000 if possible.



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4th option, upgrade AVR and use a passive soundbar under the TV for LCR duties.

Quite a good middle ground for those stuck with AVR's and Tv's in a corner.

We have Totem, Next Level and GoldenEar as options.

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If you were to go receiver plus 5.1 and then add 2 speakers for atmos (making 5.1.2) then buying a bundle is the only way you’re going to get anything reasonable for £1k.

Bundle Offers - Home Cinema

Denon 2700 or Yamahas in this list would be better than the Sony which is quite old now.

Separates might make sense as you already have wiring for surrounds (this might need an upgrade though if it’s only the wire that came with the pioneers). However, you’d need to consider placement of the front three as you don’t have a lot of space around the screen at the moment. Might be able to get left/right on some stands but centre placement looks to be a limiting factor if it needs to go on unit and you’re not prepared to raise TV.

There are of course soundbars with wireless rears and atmos built in.


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Ah right thanks , would a passive sound bar replace the three speakers in front of the tv ?
Yes it would be a front Left - Centre - Right speaker set up.

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