Aggghhhhhh Pioneer 433MXE, Screen Burn, News 24 Agghhhh


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Im not impressed.

Watched news 24 this moring for ~2 hours....

Both the time, and logo can now be seen on the screen...

Any suggestions? Its a new 433, not yet adjusted the settings.. was too tired yesterday to play.

What settings do others use on their MXE 433?

Any help most appreciated.



i have downloaded the manuals from the pioneer website, and it talks about it here :

12) Setting FULL MASK
This function uses the PDP internal signal to display the entire screen as one color: red, white, green or blue.
For settings other than FULL MASK: OFF, external input signals cannot be displayed.
It is an emergency measure for handling screen burn-in (although it cannot completely eliminate it).
For details, see 5.8, “Regarding the problem of images become burnt onto the screen.
Factory preset : OFF
1 Enter integrator mode.
(See 5.4.1, “About the integrator mode.”)
The set ID will be displayed on the upper right where the
mark is.
Select OPTION.
2 Move the cursor to FULL MASK and use the SET button to
change the setting.
Each time the SET button is pressed, the setting will change
as follows: OFF = WHITE = RED = GREEN = BLUE =···
After setting the color for the full mask, press the MENU
button and leave integrator mode. This will display the full
FULL MASK applies to all inputs (INPUT1~5).
(NOTE) During display of the OFF TIMER mask, FULL
MASK does not operate. (However, settings can
be changed.)

and also here..

16) Setting INVERSE MODE (negative-positive inversion)
This function is for negative-positive inversion of displayed images. It is an emergency measure for handling screen
burn-in occurring when still images are displayed (although it cannot completely eliminate it).
Factory preset : OFF
1 Enter integrator mode.
(See 5.4.1, About the integrator mode.)
The set ID will be displayed on the upper right where the
mark is.
Select OPTION.
2 Move the cursor to INVERSE MODE and use the SET button
to change the setting.
Each time the SET button is pressed, the setting will change
between OFF and ON.
INVERSE MODE applies to all inputs (INPUT1~5).

not having tried it (or even owning a set yet) then the normal disclaimers apply ;-)


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Hi Sapper,

Don't panic!

The duration that you had the logo displayed for should not be long enough to have caused any lasting damage. The residual image should disappear after a further equal time span of "varied" cell usage.

It's probably not a good idea to have any static image displayed on the screen for too long at any time, but I think I read somewhere that this is even more important in the first hundred hours or so of use as it is even easier to cause long term damage then, so bear it in mind & be sure not to fall asleep with news 24 on the Plasma!!!

If the Pioneer has got a sleep timer on it, it's always worth switching it on for late night viewing, I've been thankfull that I've done this while watching DVD's on my NEC before now as, like the logo's, a static DVD menu screen can soon leave an after image and you wouldn't want to wake up at 7am & be greeted by that would you?

Best Regards,
It is probably just "after image" and will go , go into the intergrator menu and switch the orbiter mode on.

Paul D

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My Panasonic plasma had this effect for the first day.
During adverts you could slightly make out the channel logo for a few seconds.
After that, this "after image" effect disappeared.
I wonder if the plasma cells are just supercharged due to being new. But after a couple of days they just settle in etc.
I have been assured that it takes at least 48 hours to get genuine screen burn.
You have me a little worried, as i had just started to relax about screen burn.
Let us know how you get on!

Joe Fernand

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Run some full screen video for an hour or so and reduce the contrast and brightness settings on the display.

Leave the display to get on with playing that full screen video and spend the hour wading through the manuals and learn about the screen saver modes and timer functions.

Best regards



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Thank you all guys for your posts.

I did read the manual, but I do need to read it again....

I watched a DVD on Sunday, but I dont recall about having it set at full screen.....

I shall watch a full screen dvd/video tonight as I re-read the manual. Perhaps an episode or two of MASH..... Good humour

AGain, thank you all.....



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See you solicitor

Prepare a case against the BBC

Email Greg Dyke

Email Watchdog

Contact a national newspaper

Contact your MP

Sue the BBC for a new screen!


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Good morning all.

As Joe suggested, I went home last night, put a wide screen terrestrail channel on, and left it for several hours, after changing the output settings fron standard, through to mde 1 onto mode two.

The unit is a lot less bright.

After wards, I used the 'Video Essentials' Disc to confirm the settings of the colour, contrast etc. The factory defaults settings in my inexpereinced eyes seemed to be pretty on, though I did move a couple of settings, mainly down a notch or two to -2 or -3!

I am currently only using JS's RGB to S video connection into input 3.

As Joe suggested, whilst the screen was on; I then re read the two manuals that I have got, the MXE 433/503 Operating instructions, together with the 5002 Video CArd set up instructions. the manual I seem to have is this one:

Investigating the menus availalbe to me on my screen does not seem to show any link to this integrator mode.

Can anyone offer any light on this please.

I might be blind as a bat, but I could not find any reference to the "integrator mode" anywhere in the operating instructions of either. Admitedly, I did only scim through inputs 1 and 2 set up, as curretnyl I am not using these. but I still saw no reference.

The 'After image' does seem to be dissappearing but it still can be seen, esp if I look for it! However, thats when there is no input from either the DVD or STB. Oh well!

I shall look forward to any comments that you may have.

The good news, is that both Clare and myself are happy with it though.



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Originally posted by sapper
The good news, is that both Clare and myself are happy with it though.

Why are you happy with it if you already have screen burn. I have a 433mxe and have suffered no burn yet.

btw, I find the factory settings far too harsh for my liking.

You also say that you only use input 3 via s-video, doesn't the Pioneer 717 output a component signal?


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I know have the manual downloaded.

Will read and learn :)



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Any chance you could point me in the direction of the manual please....



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Hi Lenny,

Thought it was already mentioned!

1. go to

2. click on FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions We probably already have the answer you require! )

A listof downlodas came up. Currently click on option 14..Do you have the technical specfications of the PDP plasma screens?

There youhave them..

Its three large pdf files.... totalling some ~120 pages or so....

Hope this helps.



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Oops sorry Sapper,

I thought that last address was just relating to the manuals you got with the screen. I apologise but thanks for the link.



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What A read....

I have just read (albeit lightly) the technical manual for these units.

There is a lot more information on it, including the Integratal (or what ever) mode.

I have now set my screen to "Orbital Mode", as well as changing a couple of other parameters (including the annoying grey side bars on4:3 viewing).

The after image seems to have almost dissipated now, though it could never be seen with a normal picture.


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