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An age ago I set up my son as a sub account against my main account, using Family Management. He's still under 18 now.
I bought him Ghost Recon (which I know is 18+, but I'm OK with him playing) and have removed all age restrictions via Family Management and PS4 System Restrictions (setting each to "Allowed") however he is still getting an error message when trying to access the game ("Cannot use the PlayStation Network features in the application due to age restrictions. NP-31735-9).
Can anyone offer any advice? The game loads and plays fine (including accessing Playstation Network) on my main account.

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You say he's under 18, but how old is he on the account?
I'm not certain, but I believe some games have a minimum age for online even with parental consent.


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Thanks. To be honest I can’t remember the exact date, but Sony definitely thinks he’s a minor because I tried to change via the Sony account login site.
If anyone has any advice on anyway of changing that date of birth it may well be the solution.

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You can't change the date of birth on an account so that's not an option.
Without knowing what date of birth you put in though we also can't troubleshoot what the problem might be. I suspect that's it's simply that the game doesn't allow minors to play at whatever age the account is set to. I think Ubisoft sometimes has a requirement of needing a Ubisoft account for example which has a minimum age of 16.


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I've posted in threads like this before as I went through this with our son. If you entered his real age then the restrictions online are very strict, eg, he will not be able to play any game online he is too young for, so in your sons case 16 and above games. Basically:

Offline - uses your parental guidance set up
Online - Strictly uses account age versus game rated age

There was no way of changing my sons age when we looked into it a couple of years ago and I suspect this hasn't changed based on more recent threads. We bit the bullet and set up a new account for my lad..

Edit: If you find a way to influence online parental guidance, please let me know, would be interesting to see if this has changed at all..
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I have the same issue, my son is 8, and I used his DOB. He can’t play or see games Like Call of Duty / Uncharted Drake... but he can load Escapists2, but it gives the same error.
Escapists 2 is Pegi7.
He is able to play other Pegi7 games on his profile, Minecraft, NFS Rivals, and Dangerous Driving. Which seems odd to me.

Miss Mandy

Do any of those games have online elements? For some companies the age limit for online is 13 even if the game itself is rated younger.

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