Age old Q. Which stereo speakers?


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May 29, 2005
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i am looking at upgrading my av speakers (just the front two at the moment) and i am undecided to the extent that i need some help. so are there any speakers that my requirements listed below?

1. price range - £100 to £200
2. able to be driven by a Denon 1906 amp
3. sound good at low to mid volumes (will be in bedroom)
4. not require a sub (back living with my ill dad)
5. will be used for cd playback (rock, indie, alternative music)
6. also dvd, tv, pc and ps2, infact a even split between the 5
7. look good

there are loads of speakers that fit your

Monitor Audio Bronze 2's are rather nice.....have heard those personally...they are standmount size bass isnt the deepest around, but its not exactly lacking either....

or do u want floorstanders so they have lower bass response? or do you want bookshelf/standmounted ones, not so low bass response, but usually faster, tighter sound......

tbh, best thing you can do is pop down to a few dealers shops, tell them your requirements and listen to a few pairs of speakers.....then buy the ones u like....
thanks Knyght byte, i am really looking for stand mount speakers, the MA B2 do look good but how do they compare to the wharfedale 9.1 and are there any others in this price bracket?

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