Age Of Empires 3



so what does everyone think of this game the latest rts game by microsoft, i got it im playing it and i like it :) but thats me :)


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I think number 2 was the best. Didn't like age of mythology (sorry wormvortex). I have only played the demo of the new age and didnt really take to it either. Shame as Age of Empires 1 & 2 were my favourite games for many years and got loads of play time in. :)


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Just bought it this evening... enjoying it so far. Ace graphics :smashin:


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Chanser said:
It's ok to good so far, then again I can't be bothered to play anymore :p
Have to agree, I've put it to the side in favour of Civilizations IV & Battlefield 2.

Maybe I'm missing something, but can you tell your unit to hold it's ground and not go charging after the enemy so that it gets out of range of your turrets. Also is there any unit formation commands?


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In most RTS games you can controll their movements by setting the AI movement to low or off. That way they wont move from where you put them and will simply hold their ground.

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