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After trawling through just about EVERY RPTV thread on this forums...

Discussion in 'TVs' started by Family Guy, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Family Guy

    Family Guy

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    I have finally got the geomotry and convergance right on my ageing but very bright Toshiba 40PW03...apart from one niggly thing.
    I get a multicoloured tinge on R1 DVD's when using RGB - even when I set my DVD player to Pal 60 (It's a Pioneer 565). R2 discs are fine, even in RGB.
    The bottom part of the screen has a green tinge, whilst the top part has a pink tinge. Alll clouds on screen make it look as though the sun is rising or the sun is setting...never a white cloud in the sky.
    When I take the DVD player out of RGB mode, it clears it up completly and seems to be OKish in svideo via a 3m QED lead.
    Sky+ is connected to the same socket via an Hitachi scart splitter and there are no problems at with Sky...in fact, I would go as far as saying the picture is as perfect as the source will allow. Live feeds fro Sky News and Sky Sports News are sublime...whereas ther is noticeable blocking on the movie channels - and a problem with green hair on one programme on Sky One - Tru Calling. In dark scenes, all dark haired people have green hair!!! But on other dark programmes (Star Trek for eg), there's no such problem... :confused:
    Do I bite the bullet and feed the TV [shudder]Composite[/shudder] video from the DVD player? Or is there a way around this...

    BTW, I'd like to thank Demon for his particular post lat November (IIRC...)...superbly detailed. I would never have thought moving the green drid would sort on the geomotry problem...thanks a lot for your help... :thumbsup:

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