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Hi, I am just starting to get walls ready for sinking cables in, these are cables I need:

Component to VGA (3m)
HDMI (3m)
Flat speaker cable for rears (20m)
Sky+ cable (10m)

What would be best place to get these from and likely price, have listed equipment below in case I have missed anything the sky and dvd will be going into amp and then amp to plasma.

Any help appreciated.


Joe Fernand

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Hello Yeff

Depending on what Input Boards you have installed in the Display you have a few options as far as your SKY+ Box goes.

If your AV Receiver has YUV 'Component' Switching you could add a JS Technology RGB2YUV converter and switch the SKY+ and DVD player via the AV Receiver - your also going to want the SKY sound (Digital Optical) via the AV Receiver.

VanDamme, Molex and BetterCables are firm favourites as far as cable manufacturers who can provide the cables you require.

If the above makes sense your looking at:

SKY+ to RGB2YUV converter
Video - SCART to SCART (1m)

SKY+ to AV Receiver
Audio - Optical Digital cable (10m)

RGB2YUV converter to AV Receiver
Video - 3RCA to 3RCA (10m)

DVD to AV Receiver
Video - 3RCA to 3RCA (1m)
Audio - Optical Digital cable (1m)

AV Receiver to Display
Video - 3RCA to HD15(VGA) (3m)

Digital Video Source
Video - HDMI to HDMI (3m)

You'll also require an RGB2YUV converter which has an SRP of £145.00.

Do you need perfectly flat speaker cable - or would skinny round cable do?

Best regards



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Hi Joe, thanks for reply, I was going to connect them like this:

Sky+ to Yamaha - S-Video & Optical (0.5m)
Toshiba to Yamaha - 3RCA & Digital Coaxial (0.5m)
Yamaha to Plasma - 3RCA to HD15(VGA) (3m)
Speaker cable would be flat, as to go under wood flooring.

Would you be able to supply these?

Thanks Steve

Joe Fernand

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Hello Yeff

Keep in mind the SKY+ S-Video signal would most likely look best going direct to the Display as S-Video - the conversion to YUV in the AV Receiver is likely to deliver a slightly soft image.

I'll PM you regards cable supply.

Best regards


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