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Hi, Everyone:

My blu-ray player has died. Because it's an older unit, it had direct outputs for 5.1 speakers (pic below). I've tried finding a modern equivalent, but don't seem to be able to find any, presumably 'cause tech has moved on. I'm looking to replace the player with a new unit. If you could recommend a decent new player that has these connections, that'd be ideal. If not, I'm looking for a new player and 5.1 combo. No soundbars though, please! I've had a look at some sets of speakers, and I'm also concerned that some of them don't come with very long speaker wires, so wireless would be nice if that's a possibility? If not, I'll likely need 10m cables. Otherwise, I may need extension cables too. The surround speakers are going to be wall-mounted, so I also need what I think of as 'normally-shaped' speakers, not those tall-standing ones I've seen about! :)

My TV is capable of 4K, so that'd be ideal, but isn't a necessity, and I'd prefer all of the equipment to be in black. Budget is probably around £100-£150 per item (player and speaker set), so £200-£300 total.

To explain my existing setup, here's a pic of the back of my player, which is a Samsung HT-H4500R (I believe this includes the speakers):

Essentially, I have a Sky box with HDMI straight to the TV, and the audio to the player via an optical cable. The player then outputs the audio to the speakers while also having its own HDMI to the TV.

If you need any further info, please ask, as I may be conversant in the basics, but I'm really flying blind! :D


You are going to really struggle for a system within your budget. Unless you go for the same type of system in your photograph you will need a blu ray 4K player, AV amp and a set of five speakers plus a subwoofer. That the best part of the £1000 if not more.

For your budget you're limiting yourself to something like this from Currys although it's not a 4K player.

Would you consider used?


I wouldn't really consider used unless it became absolutely necessary. I'd be happy with a system similar to the one you linked, though I'd prefer to avoid those tall speakers if possible. I believe what I have now came as a similar set. Would I need to get extension cables for the speakers? I tried looking at a few, but it seemed a little like the manufacturers were reluctant to mention their cable length as it is a common complaint.

Here's an example of the sort of set (design-wise) I was thinking of:
Amazon product
(Sorry - not sure what it's trying to do with the link above! It's a Sony BDV-E2100)

Is there a reason that this sort of stuff became so expensive nowadays? It wasn't a million years ago I got the current set, and I didn't pay anywhere near that sort of price! :eek:

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