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Hi all. Just after some advice before I purchase a new TV. We have moved house and our old 40 inch Sony LED TV (about 6/7 years old) seems to have shrunk in our new larger living room. After a new TV, 55 inch is the largest I can go due to alcove size restrictions. My problem is our internet is not particularly amazing as we are fairly rural and rarely get much above 20mbs (sometimes nearer 15) so streaming 4K (at least for now) will probably be out of the question. Any advice on TVs to aim for or avoid that will cope better with upscaling HD and poorer services (mainly streaming Netflix, Disney+ & Amazon Prime). As seems to be the go-to TV on these forums I was looking into a Sony 55XH9505 but unsurprisingly I am struggling to find one left in stock and current year models are out of price range (will struggle to justify anything over about £800 as this will already be a stretch). Usage will be for TV shows, films and gaming (although nothing serious and I only have a PS4 as it stands). I have been generally shying away from OLEDs as this will be a really big purchase for us and will hopefully be kept for many years. Any advice greatly appreciated!


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While 15-20Mbps is definitely on the edge for acceptable 4K streaming, it's possible it may not be completely out of the question - you'd just have to give it a go. There wouldn't be enough bandwidth to do anything else online at the same time though, probably. At least you're not paying extra for 4K with Prime and Disney+ (just Netflix, so stick with the HD package until you see how you get on with the others).

I can't advise on any specific models as I'm not an LCD guy, but it's definitely worth doing your research now, so that you can take advantage of any price-drops around Black Friday. It might be advisable to wait until around then if you're looking at 2021 models.


Try to wait for black friday/xmas sales if you can. If you can't find 2020 stock, you'll get a lot less TV for your money buying a 2021 model now rather than later.

Your budget I'd be looking out for deals on TVs like the Sony X90J or Samsung Q80A but if you can jump up to the Samsung QN90A you'll be spending more, but getting better value for money since its a much more capable HDR TV (and therefore more future proof).

Come sales, entry level 55" OLEDs may also be in budget, and may be worth considering.

If you want to buy now its a matter of finding 2020 stock, you mentioned one model; the Sony XH9505. This TV is replaced by the X95J in 2021 which starts at minimum 65". The X90J I mentioned above is actually a lower range if you could find a XH9505 at 55" now you'd be buying something from Sony which is better than next years lineup.

Samsung also have 2020 models that you may still be able to find in the Q90T, Q85T and Q80T.


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My problem is our internet is not particularly amazing as we are fairly rural and rarely get much above 20mbs (sometimes nearer 15) so streaming 4K (at least for now) will probably be out of the question.
I spotted this morning that the popular Ookla Speedtest app now has a video streaming test which will give you an indication of what your wi-fi is capable of, so get hold of that app (if you don't already have it), place your phone next to the TV and see what you get.


Hard-wiring via ethernet may give you a slightly better speed though (depending on your set-up) and is often preferable to wi-fi for smooth streaming, with one exception to this being those who have wi-fi speeds in excess of the 100Mbps limit of the TV's ethernet (which doesn't apply in your case anyway).

When connected via ethernet, the speed a smart TV is actually receiving can be tested by visiting the website on the TV's browser.


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Just a random quick update. I managed to find an ex-display XH9505 at Richer Sounds and couldn't be happier. Thank you both for your help and all your service on this forum to help people like me make sense of the minefield that is new TV purchasing. Greatly appreciated!

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